July 19, 2022

Celebrating our Successes!

At Next Step To Success (NSTS), we believe that all youth can succeed, want to succeed, and deserve the opportunity to earn success. Our Success Stories, our youth, are truly our pride and joy. Rightfully so, we always celebrate the unique and wonderful individuals that they are.

NSTS' formal celebration of our Success Stories, affectionately called the "Stepping Up" Ceremony, was implemented on June 9, 2022, for youth who participated in the 2021-2022 afterschool program. The ceremony was held at our program's main location at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Norfolk, Virginia.

With over 100 individuals in attendance, partners, parents, board members, staff, youth, and other invited guests were treated to a catered dinner and an action-packed event where youth showcased what they had learned and achieved during NSTS' first afterschool program. We congratulate each of our Success Stories for their spectacular accomplishments this past school year and we look forward to our youth continuing their journey with NSTS for many years to come!


The program is open to boys and girls, ages 13-16. Family criteria includes Norfolk residency and meeting income guidelines. *

*Youth must meet eligibility criteria. We reserve the right to request evidence of family income. We realize every family’s situation is unique, and we do review special cases. At the discretion of the Site Manager, special cases will be reviewed.
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