Activities Update May 2, 2022

Activities Update May 2, 2022

May 09, 2022

Our NSTS Youth and their Success Coaches have been busy!

Empathy Workshop

Operation Smile visited our youth to review some the themes from our spring break field trip. Youth followed the lives of children all around the world to really understand the meaning of empathy. With empathy, our youth will grow to be not only successful, but caring as well. Giving back to others is one of the best parts of our success journeys. One youth was even inspired to look at volunteering with Operation Smile in the future.

Going to a Baseball Game With Next Step To Success Program Coach Imari with Riptide
Activities Update May 2, 2022 Volunteering with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Celebrate National Trails Day

April 23 was Celebrate Trails Day. We celebrated in a big way with the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation. Vendors and organizations came by to decorate the Water Street Open Space. You may even recognize the poems on the pavement that our youth painted back in March.

Visiting with Norfolk Tides mascot, Riptide

Next Step To Success coaches met with some lovely people to spread the word about one of the coolest after-school and summer programs in town. We even made great new friends that may stop by for workshops or as guest speakers in the future. Our new friend Riptide, the lovable blue mascot of the Norfolk Tides, visited the table for a well-deserved dance break with Coach Imari and Coach Sofia (gotta love the matching blue!). Plus, we were lucky to have our table right next to some of our favorite people from the Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop. Community events like these are such a great way to remind us how beautiful Norfolk is and how great the people are.

New Partner is Music Theory Studios

New partner alert! Next Step To Success youth started workshops at Music Theory Studios recently and this week they practiced their DJ skills. Staying on top of the beat is harder than it looks.

CBF and Oysters

The Chesapeake Bay is a important part of our local community and oysters are important to the Chesapeake Bay. Every day an oyster can filter about 50 gallons of water. Next Step To Success youth volunteered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to bag shells for oyster farming. Our hard work resulted in 85 bags, which leads to about 250 thousand baby oysters. Who wants to volunteer to help us name them all?

Spoken Word Rules

Coach Muhanma always says your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have. NSTS youth practiced using their voices to create spoken word pieces that will be their legacy. It’s how they want to be remembered. Youth even got to showcase their work and get positive feedback from their peers. How do you want to be remembered?

Hair Braiding Workshop

Rossie Dean from Youth Braid and Business Academy gave individualized attention to six youth in a box braids workshop. They practiced box braids with professional tools and mannequins in addition to learning how hair braiding relates to careers in cosmetology.

Job Readiness Portfolios

Finally! Youth in Ms. Heather’s Job Readiness Sessions worked hard for the past several weeks to create professional portfolios. On Tuesday May 3, they saw their hard work pay off. Each youth received a portfolio complete with a resume, references, and a headshot. Just another way we help youth take their next step To success.

Family Appreciation Night

With Mother’s Day coming up, and special days like Father’s Day and Grandparents Day happening outside of the program schedule, Next Step To Success staff and youth teamed up for an all-inclusive Family Appreciation Night. Youth took turns expressing how important their family members are in their success journeys. Some were able to make cards and keychains to show their love.