August 12, 2021

Stepping Up

During a memorable “Stepping Up” ceremony today, Next Step To Success youth heard from several speakers and showcased their own talents and projects. 

At the ceremony, students performed a dance routine choreographed by Lydia Coco, director of Ballet Virginia and former principal dancer with the Alvin Alley Dance Theater. Imari Santiago, NSTS lead success coach, read tributes that she wrote each participant, highlighting their strengths, attributes and skills.

“The chance to have a team of mentors behind you to accomplish all of your goals and open your eyes to new experiences is one that every youth should take advantage of,” Santiago said. “Parents seem to be very grateful in knowing their youth are cared for, hear, and encouraged every day they are in partnership with us. This is hard work, without a doubt, but it is the overwhelming success that each individual is capable of that makes it worth it.”

Youth also presented several written and visual arts projects that that they worked on during the session. Each participant received a planner, the book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, and a certificate of achievement. 


The program is open to boys and girls, ages 13-16. Family criteria includes Norfolk residency and meeting income guidelines. *

*Youth must meet eligibility criteria. We reserve the right to request evidence of family income. We realize every family’s situation is unique, and we do review special cases. At the discretion of the Site Manager, special cases will be reviewed.
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