June 8, 2022

Winding Down the After-School Program

NSTS Youth enjoyed their tour at Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Station 8

VB Rescue Squad

NSTS youth visited Virginia Beach's Volunteer Rescue Squad’s Station 8. The youth were able to explore the station and checking out the inside of an ambulance. The Squad has a vintage ambulance, which looks oddly like the Ghostbusters' "Ectomobile." A huge thank you to volunteer EMS workers all around the world, especially our new friends at Station 8. 

Vintage ambulance at Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Station 8

Centura College

Centura College Chesapeake was such a blast, that we just had to come and see what Centura College Norfolk was like. No surprise at all, this is another one of our faves. NSTS youth had a great time doing hands-on activities related to dental assisting, wind turbine energy, and nursing. 

Learning about dental assisting at Centura College Norfolk

Sail Nauticus 

Ahoy NSTS Youth! Permission to come about the USS Maiden?

Goodbye for now! Sail Nauticus threw an end-of-the-year BBQ with the NSTS youth in their sailing class complete with burgers, hot dogs, air fried french fries, and fried Oreos. With tunes blasting and friendly competition in cornhole and tetherball, youth discussed the "Maiden," a 60-foot sailing yacht. The Maiden was the first all-woman crew in the 1989–1990 Whitbread Round the World Race and broke not only boundaries for women but records as well. NSTS youth watched a documentary about the Maiden in a theater they had all to themselves before climbing aboard and meeting some of the yacht's current crew. 

It was tough to say goodbye, especially on such a fun day, but hopefully we will sea them again! 


The program is open to boys and girls, ages 13-16. Family criteria includes Norfolk residency and meeting income guidelines. *

*Youth must meet eligibility criteria. We reserve the right to request evidence of family income. We realize every family’s situation is unique, and we do review special cases. At the discretion of the Site Manager, special cases will be reviewed.
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