About NSTS

Helping Youth Succeed

At Next Step To Success (NSTS), an institute for youth success, we believe all youth want to succeed, all youth can succeed, and all youth deserve a chance to earn success.

NSTS provides afterschool and full-day summer programs for Norfolk youth 13 to 18 (18-year-olds must still be in high school). Our activities for teens, designed as part of our life skills training for youth, include sailing, boat-building, visual and performing arts, academic support, group projects, character education, STEM-skill development, hands-on field trips, and much more.

Our youth have tons of fun, but each activity has a purpose and the fun is planned with an overriding goal in mind—raising personal expectations for what our youth can accomplish.

Teens supporting each other at Next Step to Success program

Meet the Team

The NSTS team is comprised of many staff members, instructors, and success coaches. Each member of our team plays a key role in the NSTS programs. Ultimately helping NSTS youth develop character traits and life skills to earn success and enjoy happy, fulfilling lives as adults.

Monique Turner-Lopez

Monique Turner-Lopez

Executive Director
Chuck McPhillips

Chuck McPhillips

Founder and Chairman, Board of Directors, Next Step to Success
Rob McCartney

Rob McCartney

Chief Executive Officer
Muhanma Ernesto García

Muhanma Ernesto García

Site Manager

The History of NSTS

Next Step To Success was founded in 2021 under the auspices of the James Barry Robinson Institute as a high-priority initiative to address chronic poverty in Norfolk. In July 2022, Next Step To Success was spun off as an independent non-profit corporation, financially supported by the James Barry Robinson Institute, with a vision of working in tandem with community partners to cut the poverty rate in Norfolk by one-half within a generation.

Each day at NSTS is unique where youth are empowered to learn new skills and competencies. We see our youth as our partners and empower these stakeholders to make good decisions in their lives at school, at home, and in the community.

Next Step to Success History Class
Teens discussing at Next Step to Success program
Next Step to Success Music/DJ class

The Success Sequence

Next Step To Success is a local program for teens designed to launch our youth on The Success Sequence, a data-based strategy for success validated by the research of the Brookings Institution, the American Enterprise Institute and the Institute for Family Studies. Research data from multiple studies prove that young people who follow these three steps are very likely to reach a middle income (or higher) standard of living as adults.

  • Graduate on time from high school. (Our youth will go further!)
  • Go to college/trade school, obtain a full-time job or join the military (Our youth will find a career track!)
  • Wait for marriage to have children (Our youth will cherish the benefits of family!)

To point them in this direction, NSTS challenges our youth to be open to new opportunities, experiences, and personal relationships. We empower our NSTS youth to take the next and future steps that will build their interests and talents into lifelong skills. They will come to believe and demonstrate that they are future Success Stories.

And our interest in their happiness and success does not stop when they “graduate” from our program. We are invested in their futures and we will be their fiercest advocates in the years to come.

Girl in Next Step to Success Program

Contact Us

Have a question about the program? Want to know if you qualify? Our team is here to help! Please call us at 757-404-1818. You can also use the form to ask us a question and a member of our staff will follow up with you soon.