Summer Institute

Norfolk Summer Program for Teens

Free summer program for middle and high schoolers; ages 13-18

Program Description

At Next Step To Success, we believe in empowering the youth of Norfolk to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our 8-week, full-day program is designed to provide young individuals with the tools and experiences they need to develop essential leadership skills. Through a combination of onsite and offsite workshops and activities, we nurture qualities such as grit, a growth mindset, learned optimism, and effective team building.

Our program is carefully crafted to provide a holistic approach to leadership development. We understand that leadership is not just about making decisions but also about cultivating the right mindset and values. We teach the importance of strengthening their grit, or, in other words, we help Norfolk youth strengthen their individual passion and perseverance in an effort to achieve their long-term goals. NSTS staff encourage youth to build a growth mindset, emphasizing the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. We help young individuals see that their potential is limitless.
We use the eight weeks of our Summer Program to help youth build the skills they need today and, in the future, as they enter young adulthood. Summer Program topics center on the following areas:

Learned Optimism: Positivity is a key ingredient for effective leadership. Our program helps participants cultivate a positive outlook on life, enabling them to navigate setbacks with resilience and confidence.

Teambuilding: Leadership often involves working with others. Our teambuilding activities promote effective communication, collaboration, and the ability to inspire and lead a group towards a common goal.

Agency: We emphasize the importance of having personal agency—the belief that you can change your life and your world for the better. Through our interactive sessions, we help youth chart a course for their futures, which leads to positive outcomes in their own lives. Through a mixture of on-site and off-site programming, we ensure your teen makes the most of their summer by tapping into their fullest potential.

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Program Details


Students must fall within the age range and attend school in Norfolk, Virginia. Eligible families must fall within our income range guidelines.

We reserve the right to request evidence of family income. We realize every family’s situation is unique, and we do review special cases. At the discretion of the Site Manager, special cases will be reviewed.

Program Pick Up:

The NSTS team provides free transportation for our Norfolk teens directly from their homes during the summer program. Parents have the option of dropping off their teens at our Norfolk location during the summer program hours.

We serve all middle and high schools in Norfolk, Virginia and currently have students from:

  • Granby High School
  • Norview High School
  • Booker T. Washington High School
  • Maury High School
  • Lake Taylor High School
  • Northside Middle School
  • Norview Middle School
  • Blair Middle School
  • Academy for Discovery at Lakewood
  • Academy of International Studies
  • Compass Academy (formerly Ruffner Academy)
  • Park Place
  • Lake Taylor School


After our time together, our team offers at-home drop offs for our free Summer Program participants. Parents have the option of picking up their teens from our Norfolk location during the Summer Program hours.

NSTS believes that summer is the best time for learning. Learn how our Summer Program can make a difference for your teen.

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What to Expect During the Summer Program

Our Summer program for teens comprises a diverse daily slate of activities, including:

  • Activities that promote team building include theater, outdoor sports, singing, Afrobeats dance classes, and pan steel drum lessons.
  • Activities that promote strong communication skills such as public speaking, “Courageous Conversations,” and group presentations.
  • Activities that sharpen time management and organizational skills, such as fashion design, wooden boat making, and STEM-related workshops.
  • Activities that promote creative problem-solving and decision-making through painting, mixed-media, and photography classes.
  • Weekly cultural enrichment, educational, and recreational field trips.

During the school year, we offer programming after school each day. Students who participate year-round have multiple paths to a better and healthier adulthood.

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