“Unplugged”: How Going Phone-Free at NSTS Sparks Real Growth

“Unplugged”: How Going Phone-Free at NSTS Sparks Real Growth

September 25, 2023
Hey there, fellow teens! We get it; your cell phone is practically glued to your hand these days. But here at Next Step To Success (NSTS), we do something a bit different. We ask you to hand over your precious phones while you're in our program. Weird, right? Well, hold on, because there's a method to this madness that's all about helping you grow and have a blast!

Making Real Friends Again

You know those times when you’re hanging out with friends, but everyone’s staring at their screens? At NSTS, we’re all about bringing back real, face-to-face friendships. We want you to connect with your peers on a deeper level. Without the constant distractions of your screens, you can rediscover the joy of having meaningful conversations, sharing stories, and building friendships that can last long after the program ends.

Getting Your Fun On, Unplugged

Guess what? Real fun isn’t just found on screens. We believe in stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Without your phones as a safety net, you’ll get the chance to explore exciting hobbies and activities. Think playing the guitar, cooking, theater, building sailboats, tennis, hair braiding, painting, or fun-filled field trips! These experiences not only make life more awesome but also boost your confidence and toughness.

Becoming a Communication Pro

Effective communication is a superpower that’ll help you in everything you do. When you’re not glued to your phone, you’ll have to talk to people, listen actively, and express yourself better. These skills will not only make you a pro at making friends but also set you up for success in your future.

Awesome Role Models and Mentors

At NSTS, we have amazing Success Coaches who’ll be your mentors and guides. They’ll help you navigate challenges, set goals, and make choices for your future. Without your phone as a distraction, you can connect with them on a deeper level. These coaches become more than mentors; they become friends who can inspire and support you.

Building Your Emotional Superpowers

Screens can sometimes get in the way of developing essential life skills, like managing your emotions and building grit, a growth mindset, a personal agency — a belief that you can change your life and your world for the better! By diving into activities and real conversations, you’ll learn how to handle your feelings better and navigate the ups and downs of relationships. These skills are pure gold for personal growth.

So, here’s the deal: NSTS isn’t about taking your phone away; it’s about giving you something even better. It’s about helping you discover the real value of genuine connections, have epic adventures, level up your communication game, find incredible role models, and develop those essential life skills.

At NSTS, we’re all about helping you become the best version of yourself. Sometimes, that journey starts by putting the phone down and experiencing the incredible world right in front of you.