Activities Update April 1, 2022 

Activities Update April 1, 2022 

April 14, 2022

Together We Can Foundation Helps Youth with Job Readiness

Smart Transitions Program Manager at the Together We Can Foundation, Heather Fine kicked off our new Job Readiness Series. Youth will discuss potential careers and important next steps that come between locating a job opportunity that interests you and nailing the job of your dreams. Youth will finish this series by getting their professional headshot. This week, Heather tasked the youth with finding professional references. We are excited to see what they gather for our next meet-up with Heather.

Activities Update April 1, 2022

NSTS Youth Experience Some Globetrotting

♪” They’re playing basketball, we love that basketball. They’re playing basketball…we love that basketball” ♪ Our Next Step To Success youth love sports. Coach Muhanma, along with our stellar bus driver Ms. Tam, and the youth saw the legendary Harlem Globetrotters. For many of our youth this was the first time they learned about this theatrical basketball team. We hope this becomes a lifelong memory they were able to share with their NSTS family.

Sail Nauticus Puts Wind into Youth Sails

Who says you need water for a swell sailing class? Shout out to Dylan Guill, Sail Nauticus Sailing Program Coordinator, for showing us many fun ways to learn to sail on and off the river. Even with some hardcore winds, youth could still board the docked boats and practice with the sails.

Getting a Fresh Look

Photography lessons came to a bittersweet end with Judith Soule of Fresh Look Photography. All youth received a framed photo as a goodbye gift to celebrate the many images they captured of poses, landscapes, field trips, props, and more.

Dining Family Style

Chuck McPhillips, chair of the James Barry Robinson Trust that helps fund NSTS stopped by our family-style dinner Thursday evening. He built the NSTS program vision several years ago and helped make it a reality. The youth introduced themselves and where they go to school before debating Duke’s chances in March Madness. Later, we had some time for riddles. Mr. McPhillips shared one of his own. If a baseball bat and baseball cost $1.10 and the bat is 1 dollar more than the ball, how much does the baseball cost? Our Next Step To Success youth solved it—can you?