Activities Update April 15, 2022

Activities Update April 15, 2022

April 22, 2022

How NSTS Youth Spent Spring Break

Spring break at Next Step To Success was all about caring for our community through volunteerism and environmental awareness. Youth spent the first two days at the EQUI-KIDS Therapeutic Riding Program and Operation Smile's Interactive Learning Center. Through both activities, they learned about the importance of caring for others.

Activities Update April 15, 2022 NSTS youth at Operation Smile Interactive Learning Center
Activities Update April 15, 2022 Next Step youth on their field trip to EQUI-KIDS

Also, NSTS youth learned about caring for the environment aboard the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Jenny S. They met plenty of critters that depend on the well-being of the Chesapeake Bay to survive. These included blue crabs, grass shrimp, and even an especially large spider crab.

The final day of spring break, youth enjoyed the great outdoors tackling an obstacle course and enjoying a picnic. They celebrated a fun week and look forward to more exciting adventures.